The Magic of Today

"Spend some time focusing your thoughts of what's right with this day. Allow yourself to genuinely feel the goodness that is present right now." - Ralph Marston

We basically have three choices everyday on where to put our thoughts. We can put them either in the past, in the present or in the future. The decision we make, whether it's deliberate or by default, determines where we spend our energy because where our thoughts go, our energy flows.

Funny thing about the past, no matter how many times you rehash it, you can't change it! You can review some event, whether it's good or bad, but that's all you can do. No amount of wishful thinking will allow you to redo any of it.

The future can certainly be pondered. It can be feared or embraced, depending on what you feel lies ahead.

What you miss in all this is the present moment. Of all the days that have ever been and of all the days that have yet to be, today is the one you have now. Though it may not be perfect in all ways, it is here and it is the only one you can access right now.

This day is filled with precious moments ready to present themselves to you when your heart and mind are open to them. Live today's moments so they add value to your life. Feel the power you have as you live this day to the fullest!

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is truly feeling a joyful moment and allowing the Universe to bring you more.