Unwavering Faith in Wavering Times

We’re all too familiar with the doomsday chants of recent times: “The stock market hit a new low.” “Real estate prices are bottoming out.” “Unemployment is at a record high.” “Bankruptcy is on the increase.” Just when you thought you were safe in your own little world, the rug is literally being pulled out from under you and you are set adrift in a scary, uncertain sea. As you struggle to understand, “why me,” you loose sight of what could be possible if you only remember what you’ve known all along: that you have the power to change your own circumstances by focusing on what you want instead of what you have, or don’t want. This may sound contradictory and perhaps over simplified, but it’s really not. When you get down to it, we each possess the ability to alter our lives for better or for worse, depending upon what we choose to focus on. Maintaining a balanced perspective when everyone around you is yelling, “the sky is falling,” may seem an unlikely option in today’s troubled world, but during those quiet moments when you’re not watching the news or reading the paper to learn about the latest debacle, you have an opportunity to refocus your thoughts; to visualize what you really want to accomplish rather than wallowing in the despair of current events. When you continue to think the same thoughts, you create the same results. Remember, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. Our belief structure is what drives us in one direction or the other. Faith has been defined as a confident belief that does not rest on any logical proof or material evidence. Many have described it as belief and trust in God or Source. How ever you personally define faith, it must be said that possessing this belief system has brought about miracles in many forms. Personally, I’ve had many miracles in my life that I totally attribute to faith. Unwavering means to be steadfast, resolute, or firm. In this instance, it means not letting the surrounding circumstances affect your faith or belief so that you can rise up out of your own quagmire. It means kicking your negative thoughts to the curb when they descend on you like rain. It means maintaining an even keel especially in the rough waters of loss. Keeping your balance when your whole world is tipping may sound impossible, but it is possible when you believe you can do it. Decision sparks action! Decide that good will come from this and act as if it is true. Remember, you can only think one thought at a time, so make it a good one! But how do you find the faith to hold on when your own boat is sinking? What spurs the human spirit to decide to rise above painful circumstances? There is a basic human reflex to reach up when you feel your world is collapsing. This impulse allows you to believe that somehow you will be all right. You will make it through whatever afflicts you. Somehow, the strength will come and you will survive. Not only survive, but be better because of it! Personal growth takes many forms. It’s hard when you can’t see around the corner. It’s stepping off that ledge without a net that can shake the strongest among us. Knowing when to step off is even harder! This is where courage comes in. Having the courage to face our challenges and make the necessary course adjustments is what helps us grow into our own skin. Remember that a small change in the rudder can alter the direction of an ocean liner. And if that can happen, then a small change in your thoughts can bring about huge changes in your life’s direction. As you start to see a bit of light in an otherwise dark day, you breathe a sigh of relief and begin to take a step back from all the surrounding negativity. This action further stimulates your ability to realize that perhaps there is a silver lining. Perhaps all is not lost! You may not recognize it now, but down the road, you may be able to put some perspective on your current situation that will emphasize an ultimate good. We were all born with the ability to create and direct our lives. But sometimes we lose faith in ourselves as we travel through life getting bumped and kicked around by circumstances and events we are told were “out of our control.” Some of this may seem true at the time, but as we grow and develop a truer sense of who we really are, we begin to look back and see how we might have changed some of those circumstances to end in our favor. As you take the time to rethink and refocus your thoughts on what you want to see in your life rather than what life is presenting to you by default, you will be witness to changes you didn’t think possible. Empowering yourself and therefore regaining faith in your own abilities driven by the Spirit within you, will allow you to reclaim your rightful place as captain of your own ship! Instead of facing your problems with fear and sending out a frantic mental S.O.S., act decisively and positively, and focus on the end result you desire. Thoughts and dreams do come true. You only have to believe.