Ride the Magic Carpet!

How would you like to be able to create a life you love? How would you begin to change your current situation into something better?

The answer lies in the application of what I like to call, "Mind Magic." Mind Magic is the innate ablility we all have to put our thoughts into action and bring about positive change.

When you are seemingly surrounded by negative thoughts and situations, pulling yourself up and out seems like a herculean task! One you might not want to consider without the help of a nearby army!

But, fear not! YOU are the army! You are fully equipped to start, step by step, to improve your current situation. How do you do that, you ask? You do it by focusing on what you want rather than on what you currently have.

Sounds confusing? It really isn't. When you visualize something you want very much, and picture yourself accomplishing it or doing it, you tap into the universal power of the Law of Attraction! This incredibly powerful law is ready for your command!

All you have to do is sit in the cockpit of your mind, adjust your focus goggles to see what you want to see, AIM at what you want, and let the magic carpet do the rest!

Once your mind is pointed in the right direction, your thoughts change, one by one, and your physical state improves to match your heading.

The secret is, your mind can be a magic carpet to your desires. All you have to do is believe in yourself!

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